Renewable energy projects


Electricity is a secondary form of energy. It is produced from different sources of energy. Energy can be renewable or non-renewable. Renewable energy can be renewed or re-generated easily but the non-renewable resources are limited on the earth. They can’t be generated again. Therefore, renewable energy is much better than non-renewable energy.

Sources of Renewable Energy

There are five major sources responsible for generating renewable energy. They are:

  • Solar energy: Sun is the major source of renewable energy that is termed as solar energy.  The light and heat of the sun are used to produce energy. Solar cookers, solar panels, or solar cells are used to utilize solar energy. Scientists are also preparing to launch solar-powered cars.
  • Wind energy: Wind is also used to produce energy. Windmills run using turbines and generators are constructed to generate wind energy. Wind energy is a good contributor to global energy demand.
  • Biomass energy: Wastes from plants and animals are used to produce energy, which we call biomass energy. Biomass is an eco-friendly method of energy production. Different methods are used to produce biomass energy from biofuels.
  • Geothermal energy: Geothermal energy is produced from the heat below the earth’s surface. This energy can be used to produce electricity, heat buildings, bathing, etc.
  • Hydropower energy: The force of water is used to produce energy and is referred to as hydropower energy. Hydropower is more reliable than other renewable sources. The construction of reservoirs, canals, dams, etc helps to control the flow of water which is later, used to run turbines to produce electricity.

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