Readymade Electrical Projects IEEE

Here are some readymade electrical projects that are based on IEEE papers:

  1. Design and Implementation of a Smart Grid System using IEEE 1588 Standard
  2. Development of a Renewable Energy System based on IEEE 1547 Standard
  3. Design and Implementation of a Microgrid System based on IEEE 1547.4 Standard
  4. Design and Development of an Electric Vehicle Charging Station based on IEEE 1547.2 Standard
  5. Design and Development of a Wireless Power Transfer System based on IEEE 1703 Standard
  6. Design and Implementation of a Smart Energy Meter based on IEEE 2030 Standard
  7. Design of an Energy Efficient Lighting System based on IEEE 1789 Standard
  8. Development of a Home Automation System based on IEEE 802.15.4 Standard
  9. Design and Implementation of a Power Factor Correction Circuit based on IEEE 519 Standard
  10. Design and Implementation of a Smart Load Shedding System based on IEEE 1547.3 Standard
  11. Design of a Solar Tracker based on IEEE 1547.1 Standard
  12. Development of an Electromagnetic Braking System based on IEEE 1359 Standard
  13. Design and Implementation of an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) based on IEEE 1115 Standard
  14. Design of a Power Quality Monitoring System based on IEEE 1159 Standard
  15. Development of a Smart Traffic Control System based on IEEE 1609 Standard.

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