Latest Electrical projects for B.Tech/M.Tech using Matlab/Simulink

Here are some latest electrical projects that B.Tech/M.Tech students can work on using Matlab/Simulink:

  1. Modeling and Simulation of Hybrid Electric Vehicles
  2. Modeling and Simulation of Electric Vehicle Charging Stations
  3. Modeling and Simulation of Power Grid with Renewable Energy Sources
  4. Simulation of Electric Vehicle Battery Management Systems
  5. Modeling and Simulation of Power Electronics for Microgrids
  6. Modeling and Simulation of Electric Machines for Automation Applications
  7. Modeling and Simulation of Electric Vehicle Range Optimization
  8. Modeling and Simulation of Smart Home Energy Management Systems
  9. Simulation and Analysis of Wireless Charging Systems for Electric Vehicles
  10. Modeling and Simulation of Electric Vehicle Drivetrain Systems

Please note that these projects may require specialized knowledge and experience with Matlab/Simulink and related technologies.

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