Electrical Projects For Engineering Students

Some electrical projects for engineering students are:

  1. Smart Energy Meter – Designing a smart energy meter to monitor energy usage and reduce energy waste.
  2. Solar Power System – Designing a solar power system for powering homes and businesses.
  3. DC Motor Speed Control – Designing a circuit to control the speed of a DC motor using PWM techniques.
  4. Power Inverter – Designing a power inverter to convert DC voltage to AC voltage.
  5. Automated Street Lighting System – Designing a system to control street lighting based on the ambient light.
  6. Wireless Power Transfer – Designing a system for wireless power transfer using magnetic resonance.
  7. Fault Detection and Isolation in Power Distribution System – Designing a system to detect and isolate faults in a power distribution system.
  8. LED Light Dimmer – Designing a circuit to control the brightness of LED lights.
  9. Smart Home Automation – Designing a system to control various electrical appliances in a smart home.
  10. Electronic Ballast for Fluorescent Lamps – Designing an electronic ballast to regulate the current in a fluorescent lamp.

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